Month: August 2017

How to buck the laws of gambling in the United States

How to buck the laws of gambling in the United States

ith the recent passage of the Safe Port Law, the law limiting online gambling, online casinos suddenly found itself in the losing end of the billion-dollar gambling industry.

The new law, according to legal luminaries, does not necessarily do online gambling of crime, but only the methods by which online gambling accounts are funded. In other words, the law avoids American financial institutions like bank transfer funds to and from online casinos. Since the government can not stop individual gamblers from patronizing online casinos, the only way to hinder online gambling is to shorten the flow of funds.

The question that many online gamblers ask is whether it is still good to play and play in online casinos. As long as the online casino in question is based in a country that allows online gambling operations, such as the Bahamas or Antigua and Barbuda, then it is perfectly alright and legal game in that casino.

To be on the safe side of the law, you must ensure that an online casino is based offshore. Naturally, offshore-based Internet casinos are beyond the reach and jurisdiction of US laws. Online casinos based in countries in the Caribbean region are your best options.

Another important factor is the safety and security of online casinos. Would you not want to lose all your hard-earned money to internet scams? Safety and security should be your paramount consideration in choosing an online casino.

If your time and money permits, you can apply and get a credit card issued by a foreign banking institution. The foreign bank is beyond the control of US laws and is more likely to allow online gambling transactions. You can even fund your online account using a foreign currency such as euros or pounds. Most online gambling sites accept major foreign currencies in addition to the US dollar.

Also, do not forget to sign up with a reputable third-party online payment system such as Firepay or Neteller. These services offer the transfer and withdrawal of secure, confidential and easy funds to and from your bank account.

Those are the steps you should take to make your online game free from hassles and you worry. The new anti-online gambling laws should not stop you from playing your favorite casino games on the Internet, nor should you always consider yourself as a fugitive sought to log in to your online casino account.

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